CD sell/ Stream

Finally our first CD is out!! JUHUUUUU *lach* ^^

You can buy mp3 songs on Amazon now! Nice thing here is you can have a taste of the music before you buy it.

You can also stream our music on iTunes / Spotify / Amazon Music / Google Play,

… If you want to buy an Original CD (12.99 Euro) you unfortunately have to pay the shipping and handling (2.20 Euro). So the CD costs 15.19 Euro but the CD and our music is totally worth it ;)

ATTENTION! ATTENTION! ATTENTION! This is ONLY on our ORIGINAL CD. The CD includes a Hidden Track (a track that starts playing after a track when you wait a few seconds) after the song 11 on the CD „Between Hope and Fear“!!!!!!! And this one is awesome, just a little hint: you will probably laugh.

3-7 days delivery time. We will send the first CD's when we have a few orders. :) We also signed the first 50 CD's! Order very fast and you will get one! :)

Unfortunately you can only pay with paypal :(

We will send the CD to the adress on your paypal. :)