Band Biography

The Band Savagegroup consists of five members:

Thomas aka „Animal“ - drums, keyboard, producer, songwriter, guitar, bass guitar, singer of the CD „Wall of fear“ Matze aka „Darth Vader“ - songwriter, guitar (rythmn, solo) Daniel aka „Barcadi is my feeling“ - guitar (rythmn) Th.Kroha aka „Cola Weizen sonst nix“ - bass guitar Oliver aka „Spartacus“ - official singer of the second CD

Hey guys, how the band and the name „savagegroup“ was crated

Tom was surching for some good musicians for quite a while. A lot of guitarists came to the auditions. Most of them didn't know that tom isn't just the dummer of the band but also a very good guitarist. The audition ended very quickly for most of them with a little trauma and the well-intentioned advice „you need to learn how to play the guitar before calling yourself a guitarist.“ One day, Matze answered Toms ad at Thomann. Because of the auditions he had before Tom was really disappointed. Matze has played like 2 or 3 minutes when Tom already stopped him and said „ok, thanks, that's enough“ Matzes reaction was insecure „is something wrong?“. Tom answered: „Matze, when I see and hear someone I knwo immediatly if he's talentet or not an you – sorry – are genius. I really want to make music with you“ Matze brought his best friend Daniel along, he had already played in a band with him before. And so „Savagegroup“ were three. Thomas Kroha (Bass) became a member by coincidence (he was a customer at Thomas garage) and Oliver (the new singer) wrote us because we were searching for a singer and he just fits perfectly to us crazy people * laugh* The name of the band fits all the five band members personality: We see us as crazy, funny guys and we are still kids even though the number of our age says something different (except Oliver who could probably be our son *laugh*). That's why the name „Savagegroup“ (crazy bunch) fits us music freaks perfectly because this is what we are!!

What's special about the band ?

Tom does not only play the drums but also bass guitar and Keyboards, so he recorded those intsruments for the first album. He also did the vocals. We are very proud that there's nothing programmed on our CD, everything is played by hand. Even though this meant a lot of practice and hard work it was absolutely worth it because now you can hear what we can and not just a programm. Daniel and Matze don't really strike the right note until now, which means Tom has to do all the Vocals. But to be honest, at the beginning, Daniel and Matze were crying of laughers because of Toms singing and they were absolutely right. „Guys, I'm the drummer“ Tom said laughing „and I never thought about being a singer „ But Tom was just shy at the beginning and practice makes perfect. And now, after a lot of practice you can clearly hear his singing without blushing. „What makes the band special? We don't want a central theme in our music, we want to recreate our music and ourselves over and over again.“ Listen to our songs, there won't be a song that sounds like the other.

What Savagegroup wants to say withi the music and the lyric ?

That's a difficult question. Tom is writing a lot and the lyrics develops by coincidence or because of things Tom is interested in real life. Topics like violence in „Werewolf Song“ or child murderer in „Justice“ - he never plans the ending of the song, he uses his ideas spontaneously. After the first raw version he listens to the ideas and decides which lyric could fit the song and the expression. The song „ last night“ (you can hear it on our second CD) is composed by Matze, Daniel and Matze can also say something to the songs. Every single song is different, this also means the lyrics.

The future of Savagegroup

Good question! Next please. No, just kidding. The first CD with 11 songs is finally out and we will wait what Metal-fans have to say about it. To be honest, this is only a hobby but maybe that will change, never say never. Because of our age, we all have family and a job, and „family live“ is most important to us. Let's see where it leads us. Currently we are working on the second CD with our new singer Oliver.

How is the atmosphere in the studio and what's importat to you ?

Honestly? We aren't professional, so we need more than one try til everything fits the way we want it to. And as we already meantioned, Tom is drummer, keyboarder, bassist singer and songwriter at the same time and sometimes he drives Daniel, Th. Kroha und Matze crazy because of his perfectionism. Toms favorite sentence: „Ok, not bad but you could do better. Please try it again“. But on the other hand, Tom really knows what he's doing especially when it comes to music. He just wants the best for us and the best for the band. He wants us to become the best musician we could be. Even though that was exhausting from time to time and Maze and Daniel could kill Tom sometimes. But the hard work was worth it when we listen to our songs today. Of course we had a lot of fun to especially when we had a break. *laugh*

Why do you need music ?

To express feelings that you can't explain with words, to rehabilitate different things we have been through and to let our creativity free.

What is your equipment ?

Cubase, Korg Tone Works, E-Drum, Keyboard

What's your motto ?

The best music studio and the best equipment doesn't mean anything when the guy behind the mixing desk has no idea what he's doing. We had about 4000 euro costs for our Studio and the music sounds as if it's made in a professional studio!

What is it you absolutely don't like ?

When there's no Barcardi Cola left Wannabe musicians who think they are fantastic People that have no idea about music but always have something to say When I (Tom) am in the middle of a record and Daniel is playing on his mobile phone and I can hear the touch noise.